Code Magus DCL to Book Version 1

Code Magus DCL to Load V1 generates COBOL copy books from a DB2 DECLARE TABLE Declaration Control Language (DCL) statement generated by the DB2 DCLGEN utility or the Code Magus DCLGN access method.

Product Description

This tool generates a COBOL copy book from the DECLARE TABLE statement generated from the DB2 DCLGEN utility.  The copybook generated is consistent with certain image copy layouts.  The output definition is the COBOL representation of the table with any NULL indicators positioned correctly and with an optional OBID field inserted at the front of the structure.

  • Delivers well formatted COBOL copy books for use as meta-data, suitable for consumption in all the CML testing tools in particular has options to generate layouts matching popular unload and extract formats.
  • dcl2book allows customers to quickly and easily generate meta-data from any DCL. This meta-data is immediately useful in all Code Magus software that uses the object types interface.