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Card Related Libraries Demos

Card Related Libraries:

Code Magus supplies payment card related libraries that are suitable for production or test environments. We also provide cross language interface wrappers for various programming languages; for example (but not limited to) PHP and Java.Use our Web based tools to try out the functionality that these
libraries offer:

  • Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) Functions.  This library implements double length key DUKPT from The American National Standards Institute for Financial Services: ANSI X9.24-1:2009. Retail Financial Services Symmetric Key Management Part 1: Using Symmetric Techniques.
  • PIN Encryption and Decryption Functions.  This library implements Format 0 PIN Block Generation using single, double and triple length session keys, optionally encrypted under a single, double or triple length zone key from The American National Standards Institute for Financial Services: X9.8-1:2003 Banking – Personal Identification Number Management and Security – Part 1: PIN protection principles and techniques for online PIN verification in ATM & POS systems.
  • Functions to Compute Card Verification Values.  This library computes a VISA Card Verification Value (CVV) and an AMEX Card Security Code (CSC).
  • EMV Card Functions.  This library implements
    • AEIPS Chip Card Specification (AEIPS 4.1) February 2005
    • VISA Integrated Circuit Card – Card Specification Version 1.4.0 Effective 31 October 2001
    • M/Chip Functional Architecture for Debit Credit January 2006

    From EMV Integrated Circuit Card specifications for Payment Systems – Book 2 Security and Key Management Version 4.1 May 2004

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