Consulting Services and Solution Development | Code Magus Limited

Software testing, data communications, problem and performance analysis, technical development.

Consulting Services and Solution Development

The CML team, with the use of the CML tools suite are able to provide consulting services for:

  • Solutions research. Analysing customer requirements and performing proof of concept on technology solutions
  • Analysing test strategies, plans, cases and data and provide insightful recommendations based on results
  • Establishing and documenting test strategies
  • Analysing real-time performance measurement of existing systems and propose recommendations
  • Problem solving and fire-fighting in crucial situations

In addition, CML has the resources and tools to complement your existing team when time and deliverables are critical to the completion of a project. We are able to we are able to apply our tools to support any testing requirements that clients are not able to support themselves. This is especially apparent within the automated testing environment where difficulties often arise because of technology, interfaces, security and complexity.

CML is able to supply deeply technical cross platform/technology, and full stack skills for these services. Areas of expertise includes, z/OS, CICS, IMS, z/OS DB2, Windows, AIX, UDB, Oracle, Solaris, Linux (i386, x86_64, zSeries, Power/PowerLinux). These skills have been applied to all types of situations including difficult machine dump analysis, intermittent I/O errors, link capacity problems, remote replication problems with specific platform experience in wintel, AIX/Linux/Solaris/ and zSeries.

An example of where CML has successfully consulted to clients is on protocol conversion, migration strategies and management for the migration of systems off legacy protocols and integration into existing systems. Specifically this was a protocol conversion of X.25 POS traffic to TCP/IP. This solution included the conversion, termination and end-to-end protection of sessions across various networks as well as the post implementation monitoring, reporting, alerting and analysis of traffic.

CML has established lasting partnerships with our clients and strives to become a source of expertise and services but also to enable our partners through skills transfer and training.