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Functional and Regression Testing

Functional testing is a process whereby CML tests software to ensure that it functions as per the business requirements. Business scenarios are extrapolated into test cases and these are then executed. The outcome is then verified against the desired result, analysed and reported.

During Functional or Regression testing CML makes use of Eresia and its associated components, FIP, NIP, XIP and MAP3270, to drive the functional testing through custom written or recorded Thistle Scripts. Verify is then used to confirm that the specified business rules correspond with the functionality promised by the developers. The Business rules are taken from the specifications provided by the business and defined in a configuration file. The scenarios or cases requiring checking are kept in a container, database or file system, whose access method, object identifier and options can be described by a recio open specification string. CML Testament is used to manage the complete test data lifecycle

During functional testing, in order to test the same business scenario with different data, multiple test cases need to be executed. This ensures that numerous inputs and outcomes are verified.