COVID-19 Update

Struggling with resources for your project during the COVID-19 outbreak. We can help.

Companies worldwide are being impacted by COVID-19, whether it be directly or indirectly related
to the illness.  Governments across the globe are putting lock downs in place in order to slow the
spread of the disease.  These are necessary evils that will allow us all to beat this devastating

Businesses are having to make tough decisions when it comes to projects and staff, and business-as-usual
is no longer business-as-usual.  We stand in solidarity with the business community and communities across
the globe that are being negatively impacted in these difficult times.

How can we help?

For Businesses or institutions that have short term requirements or long-term needs in relation to Software Testing projects (including non-functional testing), Code Magus is here to help.  We have a distributed team in the UK, South Africa and India, most of whom, work remotely for the majority of their assignments.  We have the experience and expertise to assist on even the most challenging projects, with technical experts that are able to hit the ground running.

If you would like to discuss your specific needs, please get in touch via the website or contact us.

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Stephen Donaldson


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