Our comprehensive performance testing tool for demonstrating the performance and stability of a system

Orkhestra is a robust and extensible non-functional testing tool that can be made to work with common communication protocols and encryption standards

Whether it’s security, scalability, usability or performance being tested, validating the readiness of software is no simple feat.

To yield robust and trustworthy results, it is necessary to have breadth and depth in data and analysis. A performance testing tool that can demonstrate the non-functional aspects of a system in a heterogeneous way is therefore invaluable

Orkhestra is that testing tool. 

Orkhestra is a smarter breed of non-functional testing tool. It is scalable and adaptable, with comprehensive support for different domains.

You can run a wide variety of tests including capacity planning, load tests, stress tests, and stability tests to assure performance.

There are in-built solutions that cover standards for card associations, acquirer integrators, ATM and POS devices,various payment and transaction engines, as well as patterns for bespoke mobile, web, terminal, and transport schemes.    

Orkhestra is an extensible NFT platform. It is designed to accurately simulate customer workloads, with no limits to software threads or modeled users.

By utilising data-driven modelling with support for tests including capacity planning, load testing, stress testing, and stability testing, Orkhestra scratches the itch for a non-functional testing tool that is both robust and flexible. 

The tool can be customised to accommodate virtually any domain, including HTTP/S, REST, XML, Web Service, B2B, POS systems, ATM devices, card association transactions, integrated transactions, Mobile stacks, USSD, USSD/NI, WAP and browser applications.

Analysis includes statistical regression of resource usage with metrics and capacity figures, allowing for correct capacity provisioning. 

Because Orkhestra is not tied to any particular framework or protocol, systems can also be tested in a standalone manner or together. 

The ability to accommodate custom and third-party security standards and protocols enhances Orkhestra’s functionality even further.


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Orkhestra is all the non-functional testing tool you need. It’s an end-to-end tool with superior adaptability for different domains with included solutions for security standards, schemes and encoding mechanisms. Call us to test it.
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