Test Automation

Free up resources, minimise the time your software spends in QA, and improve delivery with test automation

Automated testing is the optimal way to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by ensuring the accuracy and quality of the developed solution prior to go-live

Successive development cycles often require the same test suite to be executed again and again. Automation simplifies software releases, speeds up testing, and provides the crucial feedback developers need to deliver quality software. 

This is a pragmatic approach that maximises your return on investment. 

As a Fintech company, we understand the importance of implementing testing solutions where ongoing value can be achieved. 

Thanks to the power of automation, your cost-per-run will keep going down with each subsequent iteration. 

At the same time, you’ll also enjoy peace of mind that your software or system has been extensively tested in the most efficient way possible.

Our approach allows us to automate at the earliest possible moment, ensuring confidence and quality from the onset.

Reusable scripts mean that we test frequently and thoroughly. In fact, we generally automate all of our functional testing packs.

Our expertise spans a wide range of open source and commercial tools and frameworks, which allows us to utilise the most appropriate automated testing for your business. This can include the latest JavaScript-based automation solutions built around Node.js such as Cypress,Webdriverjs and TestCafe.

Test automation is more than just automating what we do manually; it’s about delivering added value to you.

Regardless of your application’s domain, we understand that testing goes beyond automating the UI. Our bespoke testing tool, Eresia, allows us to automate at the earliest possible moment to give you delivery confidence.

We use advanced techniques to remove dependencies and allow for earlier integration testing. Automated functional testing can serve as the basis for regression testing and help assure compatibility across features.

It’s all about ensuring automated tests are relevant and valuable, and supporting your wider testing goals so you can deliver great software. 

This means a complete and robust testing experience that keeps pace with release cycles and delivery requirements.


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