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We can take your team to the next level with our extensive experience and in-depth expertise

Get access to talented professionals the easy way 

We can scale your team to speed up development and delivery - improving quality and testing along the way. 

Picture the scenario – you’ve got a release coming up, but your in-house team is already stretched, both in terms of capacity and capability. 

This means bringing in more people, who must be able to hit the ground running and not compromise or jeopardise the quality of your project. Unfortunately,traditional recruitment methods just don’t cut it. 

By bringing in an established technology partner like Code Magus, you can scale your team without sacrificing quality – all while reducing costs. 

Our team brings real solutions to your most pressing problems thanks to their unique skills and specialities.

Because we are focused on creating long-term relationships with our customers, you can enjoy a strong work ethic from knowledgeable industry professionals. 

The individuals at our disposal span the entire development lifecycle, from strategy and consulting to design, development and delivery. 

As well as scaling your team with additional expertise, we can also add value in other areas, such as improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your quality and testing. 

End users are demanding faster, better experiences across every digital touch point,which calls for the best professionals working together using transformative tools and resources to deliver products that meet expectations.  

We know all the challenges technology providers face. We're a fintech company ourselves,who build unique and robust technology solutions for a variety of industries,from banking and Fintech to aviation. 

Think of Code Magus as your one-stop-shop for next-level technology solutions. We can centralise your needs into one place, reducing the inconvenience of dealing with multiple vendors and service providers. 

It makes sense to collaborate with an established technology partner so you can boost capacity quickly as and when you need it. 

We are that partner - technology enthusiasts who work seamlessly with in-house teams for better quality and seamless testing.


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Our practical, bespoke tools are designed especially for you and include, but are not limited to, the following 4 flagship products that can be customised to your specific needs