Orkhestra - Yet Another Non-functional Testing Tool

A dive into the rationale behind developing our own non-functional testing tool.

New beginnings

At Code Magus we have always endeavoured to be at the edge of the technological precipice, that's why in 2012 we started development on our non-functional testing tool Orkhestra. A state-machine driven orchestrator, that can drive just about anything you can throw at it.  

Why bother?

We are often asked "why bother developing a new non-functional testing tool while there are so many out there?". It is after all a time consuming and expensive process, and not an endeavour to be taken lightly. There are many great tools around, why not just use them?


The simple answer is that we wanted to be free of the domains, technologies and protocols that make most NFT tools very rigid in what they can test or the domain in which they reside. 

For example, certain tools are good at testing certain things but are too rigid in their design to be useful outside of those situations.  This is not true of all tools of course, but we certainly didn't want our team to have to learn a new tool for every situation which may arise or new flavour of the week when it comes to system design.

In addition to releasing ourselves from the shackles of any specific domain, we also had a number of products developed by our team which bring together a wholistic approach to non-functional testing and work hand-in-hand with Orkhestra.  This includes metric processing and consuming software, dashboarding software and system probes for a number of systems (AIX, Windows, Windows Server, ZLinux, Centos, etc).  Orkhestra and its ecosystem provide a comprehensive and consistent approach to any non-functional testing projects we have the privilege of finding ourselves on.


In our capacity as technical consultants, we always aim to deliver maximum value to our clients, and by having our engineers master our own technology, we empower them to extend that value for each new project we undertake, while not having the overhead of deciding on the technology or having to master a new tool on assignment.


Orkhestra has proven itself as a genuinely robust and flexible non-functional testing tool,  running against various card interfaces , POS, ATM and Payments Systems (country-specific bank-interchange switches), as well as NFT's for USSD, LDAP, HTTP/S (REST), DISH, mobile and web, amongst others. 

Orkhestra Testing

  • Postilion
  • TermApp ISO
  • BASE24
  • POS (Point-of-Sale) infrastructure
  • ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Infrastructure
  • Payment Systems
  • USSD
  • LDAP
  • REST
  • Mobile
  • Web

Mainframe, cloud-based, as well as legacy systems are business-as-usual for Orkhestra. 

We are continually improving Orkhestra in the hopes of true innovation in the non-functional testing space.   

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Justin Albertyn


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