Awareness solves uncertainty. That’s the principle behind Continwm, the only monitoring tool you need to stay in the loop

A scalable, self-learning monitoring tool for today’s infrastructure and tomorrow’s technology

Imagine a monitoring tool that self-discovers what is normal and adjusts itself to deliver accurate, dependable alerts. 

Imagine being in the know - instantly - about issues when they arise. Now imagine being able to port this state-of-the-art monitoring capability to virtually any domain, with support out of the box for virtually any platform. 

That’s Continwm.

Actually, Continwm is so much more. 

By utilising machine learning to generate models of expected behaviour, Continwm relentlessly monitors any domain and alerts you to actual issues so you have complete visibility over your system.

Continwm is better than anything else out there because it does all this with careful, considered integration of third-party ticket desk and alerting systems, so you can centralise and organise the alerts received easily

The result is a dependable, configurable and usable monitoring tool fit for any enterprise seeking operational assurance of the core and secondary domains, platforms, and systems they run and operate. 

Continwm can be used to monitor database management systems, operating system metrics, such as Windows, Linux, AIX,Solaris, and z/OS, infrastructure platforms, such as VMWARE, zVM, and z/Series,as well as application hosting systems, and MIB appliances, such as DataPower, ISAM, ISIM, and TFIM.

It includes the ability to monitor machine room environments, including temperature, humidity, power usage, and sound.

It can include customer and third-party tests, as well as instrumented code and metric feeds, making it a true end-to-end monitoring solution.

Continwm even has ‘out-of-the-box’ discovery and data collection agents for operating systems (such as all those mentioned above) and hardware including processors, memory, network adapters and storage.

By continually applying statistical models,and running significant tests, Continwm keeps you in the loop like no other monitoring tool.


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Continwm equips you with the capability and flexibility you need to monitor your infrastructure and systems. It reduces complexity, boosts visibility and integrates seamlessly with ticketing systems. Call us to try it.
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