Non Functional Testing

We use robust load profiles to ensure your system works as it should so you can assure system performance.

A complete testing solution to establish readiness and robustness

We will comprehensively evaluate the readiness of your system, giving you the utmost confidence it will function correctly.

Our attention to detail and pursuit of perfection is what makes us special. 

Work alongside Code Magus and you'll receive rapidly developed solutions that are tailored to your every want and need.

You'll also benefit from the expertise of highly skilled, technical professionals who understand the complexities of non-functional testing.

We’ll answer your questions, identify a strategic plan of action, and most importantly, provide you with a watertight testing solution.  

All the while, you can rest assured that your bottom-line business objectives are being met - we're aFintech company after all.

Our non-functional testing tool, Orkhestra, is robust and flexible to enable short development lifecycles that don't compromise quality.  

We've got the capability and capacity to design solutions for bespoke, open and industry-standard software, frameworks,environments and protocols. Our team uses enterprise NFT testing tools(Orkhestra) for data-driven modelling and expert analysis.

Other facets of our non-functional testing include capacity planning, load testing, stress testing and stability testing.

Also, with our very own CML Probe and Monitoring Suite, we can provide accurate metrics across various systems, including Windows, Linux, Solaris, DB2 and more. Pluggable architecture makes our tooling extremely versatile, with support for WEB, USSD, XML, Rest and a wide variety of other formats. 

Outcomes are verified against desired results, to give you an accurate depiction of your software and a technical understanding of what needs to be improved. 

We pride ourselves on delivering tailor-made solutions that put customers in a position of complete confidence and comfort.

Whether you are agile or use waterfall, spiral or V model, we can work with you to ensure your systems are performing as they should.

 Examples of application include transaction technical infrastructure integration and security, such as TCP/IP management and routing; security management and protocol implementation, DUKPT, and TLS.

Our hands-on industry experience, in-depth technical expertise, and suite of versatile tools means fewer issues and quicker test cycles.


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Our practical, bespoke tools are designed especially for you and include, but are not limited to, the following 4 flagship products that can be customised to your specific needs