Eresia is a peerless functional testing tool that assures software quality through pattern-orientated testing

Eresia is capable of being quickly deployed to run robust tests which assure functional quality

The growing complexity of software means functional testing is often an exhausting and frustrating task for development teams. 

Not only that, using a mismatched tool can set back cycle time. It may not deliver the level of data required, or consistent performance.

Now, imagine a tool that works out of the box, extendable to virtually any domain, and which exposes flaws and defects in software the first time around, to give you confidence in your system and insight into what can be improved.  

Imagine also receiving those results and the accompanying analysis with minimal effort - and with a high level of automation- to pick up slack.

Sounds revolutionary, doesn’t it? 

Eresia is that tool. 

We developed Eresia to be highly customisable, capable of working in complex environments, particularly in Fintech.

It’s a smarter breed of functional testing tool because it covers a larger number of domains and operates as a tool generating tool, which means it can support bespoke/custom/internal interfaces, as well as industry specified interfaces like ISO8583, Amex, Mastercard and Visa.

At its core, Eresia is a flexible and scalable testing tool suited to various domains, and it provides a common look and feel across these.

The result is an end-to-end testing tool that speeds up cycle time, by generating its own testing solutions following a series of standard patterns.  

Eresia has functionality for several existing solutions (for example, Card Association, Payment and Transaction Systems) and generators for specific patterns, including fixed, SOAP, and XML content. 

It includes a tool for generating testing solutions, and connectors for content such as HTTP, XML, 3270DS and fixed formats. It also includes key connectors for application and transport layers for TCP/IP boundary schemes, MQ, and HTTP/S.

Itworks with custom, internal and standard testing interfaces, and virtually any domainformat, including Web, fixed formats, USSD, XML, JSON and REST.  

The icing on the cake is the in-built job management and logging feature, which enables every test to be meticulously logged for auditing.

With a wide range of supported patterns, and the ability to test quickly at any stage of development, Eresia is the ultimate functional testing tool. 


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Eresia equips you with the ability and confidence to test software reliably. By utilising pattern-orientated design, it shortens cycle time and has a testing solution for virtually any domain. Call us to test it.
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