Focused software development

We are an innovator of production and testing software with a focus on Fintech and financial services. We deliver these solutions through our highly-skilled team of engineers.

What makes us unique?

Code Magus is founded on the principles of trust, transparency and results. We work closely with our clients to develop robust testing and monitoring solutions that add real value to our customers.
As a Fintech company ourselves, we understand better than most the challenges development teams face.
We solve these problems with innovative approaches and technology, no matter the complexity

Our Team

Stephen Donaldson

CEO and Consulting Software Engineer
Stephen is our consulting software engineer. Twenty years ago, Stephen attained a DPhil in computer science from the University of Oxford, and ever since, he has worked in software engineering at the highest level. He designs, develops, tests and analyses software, including the bespoke applications Code Magus uses.

Abhimanyu Sinha

Test Magus Ltd.
Abhimanyu, an alumnus of the Indian School of Business, has worked in IT for 27+ years and has headed up Test Magus Ltd. since 2013. Abhi has worked for Zensar, Nihilent and Infosys in the UK and South Africa as a Sr.Asso.VP and Country Head. He was part of a South African Government Delegation to India with the purpose of investigating job creation and training for South Africans.

Patrick Hayward

Senior Software Engineer
Patrick is a technical consultant and developer able to support and develop systems where needed. He helps to maintain the code of many of the internal libraries that Code Magus use in their own software products and looks after many of the back-room Linux servers in both production and QA environments. Out of work he can often be found making pottery.

Bhavesh Maharaj

Programme Manager
Bhavesh is responsible for delivery, problem resolution, client liaison, alignment to project goals and deliverables and managing risk. Bhavesh has worked in IT for over 15 years in a variety of roles which include Senior Software Quality Engineer, Test Architect, Performance Test Lead, and Test, Testing Capability and Delivery Management. Outside work Bhavesh enjoys watching movies and gaming.

Fiona Whitehouse

Project Manager
Fiona has been in the IT industry since 1996 and is responsible for the day to day delivery of projects: Setting up, deployment and adherence to process and providing project status feedback. She has worked in the financial services sector (banking and insurance, telecommunications and recently the aviation sector). To relax Fiona spends time with her family, reading, running and beach activities.


Our passion for quality assurance is what makes us different, and we believe in working closely with our clients to make it happen


We work as part of your team. Your in-house team and ours will share knowledge, data, analysis and work seamlessly together. 


Our involvement in every client project undertaken is strictly managed on our side with a focus on effectively and efficiently achieving quality assurance without sacrificing performance. 


Results are what we are all about. Whether we run functional tests with Eresia, non-functional tests with Orkhestra, or monitor software using Continwm, the depth and breadth of analysis will be great - and the results assured.

Above and Beyond

Crisis testing, troubleshooting, error conundrums … whatever random or catastrophic issues our clients face, we go above and beyond to solve them - even if that means taking a call at short notice and dropping an in-house project. 


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