Functional Testing

Boost your testing capacity with highly skilled testing specialists to reduce risk and enhance functional quality.

Functional testing to help you achieve your delivery goals

We rapidly identify how well your system executes its functions (if at all) so you can deploy over a shorter lifecycle with confidence.

Breadth and depth of data and analysis is the Code Magus difference.

We are a Fintech company who understand the unique challenges you face, and the questions you have throughout the development lifecycle.

Will the software work? Will it work as intended? Will it work reliably? Is the software complete? Is there a bottleneck? Can we test it right? Can we release it on time? Does our system meet compliance requirements?

We answer these questions to quash uncertainty and put you in the know. 

Our tests find more issues and deliver optimal results the first time around to elevate your development, accelerate cycle time and reduce costs. 

This service is delivered by our own team of highly skilled technical professionals using our unique Enterprise Test Suite.

The CML Enterprise Test Suite has the benefit of a pluggable architecture suited to virtually any format, including Web, fixed formats, USSD, XML, JSON and REST, and our pattern-orientated design speeds up development and is proven to deliver results across all manner of custom,internal and standard testing interfaces.

Examples of standard interfaces include ISO8583,Amex, MasterCard, Visa, CUP, and IATA DISH. Support for custom interfaces is wide ranging.

The result is testing frameworks can be built -and built faster.  

Our ability to rapidly develop functional testing solutions is itself a product of experience and technical knowledge. 

This has been developed working in complex technical environments that span to utilise all testing models, from waterfall and agile, to spiral and V model.

This same experience and knowledge enables us to also deliver transaction technical infrastructure integration and security,including CP/IP management and routing, security management and protocol implementation, DUKPT, and TLS.

We can enter in at any stage of your development cycle and run tests to ensure your software functions to your requirements.

Outcomes are verified against the desired result, analysed and reported, to give you a complete and technical understanding. We also provide a managed service to cover test design, as well as execution. 

Ultimately,this boils down to us being able to provide a complete and scalable functional testing solution for all your projects. 


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