A unique, robust, and easy to use tool that validates the accuracy of business rules

Check, test, classify and validate your data with Verify

SMEs,  large multinationals, Utility companies and any other company that have variable product offerings based on customer choices, usage or behaviour could benefit from Verify. 

Verify is a sophisticated rules engine that can:

  • Accurately confirm calculation outcomes based on the data and the rules applied.
  • Show  the number of candidates satisfying each rule.
  • Show the number of candidates not satisfying any rule.
  • Determine customer profiles which can assist companies to set pricing.

Businesses and customers can be severely  impacted by incorrect calculations in application software. 

In many organisations, testers are relied upon to validate the accuracy and appropriateness of the costing outcomes.  This information can be difficult to determine without a verification mechanism… VERIFY is the mechanism

Targeted calculation changes or data modifications can cause significant variations in the level of validation required to ensure outcomes are in line with the desired results.

VERIFY enables staff to identify the accuracy and anomalies in financial outcomes of pricing.


Developed by Code Magus to assist organisations in overcoming the challenges presented in confirming the integrity and accuracy of a system’s financial pricing  outcomes, VERIFY gives businesses a new and reproducible way to validate the accuracy of their computations without the need to devote  a larger than necessary team to the task.


VERIFY is configured with a set of purpose-built rules  based on specific outcomes that are expected to occur in the execution of the pricing system. 


  • The metadata describing the object file definition, to be processed, as well as the record names for each expected outcome. 
  • The named rules to be applied to the data records and the decision-making criteria for specific situations.  The rules are outcome dependent.

Getting started

  • Code Magus will demonstrate VERIFY, and work with you to understand where and how it can be applied.
  • Code Magus will provide all necessary training to utilise the tool effectively.
  • Code Magus will support you and your team in the setup and deployment of VERIFY. 
  • Code Magus will supply needed support to your staff using the tool.
  • Supporting documentation and detailed instructions will be provided.


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