Innovative, comprehensive testing and monitoring solutions for the savviest Fintech companies

We help development teams deploy quality software faster with innovative testing and monitoring tools. Our solutions enable you to rapidly design and build tests, reduce cycle time, and assure quality in one fell swoop.
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Our passion for quality assurance is what makes us different, and we believe in working closely together to make that happen.


We work as part of your team. Your in-house team and ours will share knowledge,data, analysis and work seamlessly together. 


Every client project is project managed at our end with a focus on quality assurance without sacrificing performance. 


Results are what we’re all about. Whether we run functional tests with Eresia, non-functional tests with Orkhestra, or monitor software using Continwm, the depth and breadth of analysis will be great - and the results assured.

Above and Beyond

Crisis testing, troubleshooting, error conundrums … whatever random or catastrophic issues our clients face, we go above and beyond to solve them - even if that means taking a call at short notice and dropping an in-house project. 


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