Strategic Consulting

Our expertise will equip you with the robust strategy you need to develop and deploy better software

Helping you increase efficiency and improve quality across the board

We call upon years of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of today's technology landscape to provide strategic consulting at any stage of development. 

Our end-to-end strategic capabilities can deliver transformative growth and success.

We'll take the time to analyse your entire lifecycle to plug gaps and establish points of difference. This could mean implementing new test processes, adopting a different delivery environment, or improving quality assurance methodology.

You'll always end up with greater confidence in your technology solution thanks to our results-driven engineering approach.

In addition to consulting around functional and non-functional testing, we can add value in continuous performance monitoring and consult on planned software solutions. We can define appropriate strategies as well as enhance existing strategies regarding conversion, migration and legacy modernisation. We can even assess how effective and efficient your IT is to uncover pain points and recommend changes for improvement. 

We are more than just a technology partner - we are a source of expertise and reassurance for all development projects. 

Regardless of when and where you require strategic consulting, our team of professionals will be on hand to deliver the right solution.

From solutions research to proof of concept, analysing test strategies to measuring real-time performance, we’ll look for quick wins as well as longer-term gains to ensure prosperous,prolonged growth.  

We can also supply cross-platform technologies and full stack skills in areas such as z/OS, CICS, IMS, z/OS DB2,Windows, AIX, UDB, Oracle, Solaris, and Linux (i386, x86_64, zSeries,Power/PowerLinux).

All the while, our resources and tools will complement your existing team when time and deliverables are critical to the completion of a project. 

Strategic consulting from Code Magus provides a rapid and expert-led approach to defining your next quality and test strategy. 

We advise on quality and test metrics using data-driven analysis for up-to-date progress reports and actionable insights on how to improve.

This could mean transitioning to more agile and continuous testing as part of digital or DevOps initiatives.

We’ve also successfully consulted clients across the technical landscape on protocol conversion, migration strategies, and management for the migration of systems off legacy protocols and integration into existing systems.


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Our practical, bespoke tools are designed especially for you and include, but are not limited to, the following 4 flagship products that can be customised to your specific needs